Pre/Post Natal Massage

Prenatal and Post Natal Massage are specialized forms of therapeutic massage designed to support women during pregnancy and after childbirth. Prenatal Massage helps alleviate discomfort, reduce swelling, and promote relaxation, while Post Natal Massage aids in recovery, eases muscle tension, and restores body balance. Both massages are tailored to the unique needs of mothers, focusing on areas of tension and providing relief.

Benefits include improved sleep, enhanced mood, and reduced stress levels. By promoting circulation, relieving back pain, and addressing hormonal fluctuations, Prenatal and Post Natal Massage offer a nurturing and supportive experience, contributing to the overall well-being of mothers during this transformative period.

What Our Clients Say?

They are truly the masters of wellness. I was so confused that which massage I should go for and then they came to the rescue. Never thought massages have so many benefits. Goodluck

Sanjay Tiwari

As a gymnast, I am susceptible to injuries. Typical stretching routines have usually been effective, but when I experienced a neck injury one day, nothing seemed to alleviate the pain. It wasn't until my coach recommended trying sports therapy at Souls that I found relief. Within just 3-4 sessions, I was able to return to my regular training routine. You have been a true lifesaver.

Rohit Bisht

The lockdown period has been incredibly challenging for everyone. Recently, as I was searching for relaxation therapies, I came across a service that offers massages at home. I was genuinely impressed by the hygiene and safety measures implemented by the therapist. It was truly a great experience.

Vishal Sharma